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8 Steps to Mindful Eating

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As has been mentioned previously in another article, there is an ancient practise that can help us transform the way you think about food and set the stage for a lifetime of healthy, independent eating that doesn’t rely so much on cravings and junk. Like most people, you’ve probably eaten something in the past few hours and like many of us you likely won’t be able to recall everything you ate especially if you are busy in an office or out and about all day. Not many people can recall the sensation of eating, never mind the food they’re tasting. Because we are usually working, driving, reading, watching television or fiddling with an electronic device we are often not fully aware of what we are eating. By truly paying attention to the food you eat, you can indulge in junk food far less often. Essentially, mindful eating means being fully attentive to your food as you buy, prepare, serve and consume it. Companies such as can advise you on the right pathway to mindful eating and there are several practices that can get you there, we’ve listed a few below.

  • Bring all your senses to your meal. When you’re cooking, serving and eating your food, be attentive to the colours on the plate, the textures of the food, the aroma and even the sounds different foods make as you prepare them. Identify the ingredients as you eat, see whether you can pinpoint the seasonings you used. Enjoy the burst of different flavours careering across your taste buds and enjoy how each mouthful makes you feel satisfied and wanting that little bit more.
  • Take small bites of everything you eat. It’s easier to taste food completely when your mouth isn’t over stuffed. Put down the cutlery between bites and concentrate on what your mouth is doing. Enjoy conversation with your eating companions and discuss the meal in front of you all.
  • Chew thoroughly. Chew well until you can taste the essence of the food. You may have to chew twenty to forty times and I know that sounds a lot, but the true flavourings won’t come through unless you eat properly and don’t inhale it. We know we lead busy lives and some of us have children: and we all know how hard it is to eat a meal wholly and slowly when there are children distracting us and there are chores to be done. But do your best. Take the time to appreciate it all.
  • Eat slowly. If you follow the advice above you won’t feel the need to bolt your food down. Devote at least five minutes to mindful eating before you chat with your dinner pals.

Ultimately, when breaking the cycle of emotional eating, companies like can assist with building your body up from the bottom and learning how to appreciate the food you create and eat.

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