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A Quick Guide to Understanding Semi Permanent Make-ups

By on Aug 19, 2016 in Makeup |

You might think it’s a novel idea, but semi permanent make-up has been in trend for decades now since the 80s. It has gone by several names, depending on which country you are at and how they esteem this remarkably innovative procedure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and also to the preference of the owner, which is you. In comparing this technique with permanent tattoos, the semi permanent make-up would gradually lessen in intensity and diminish eventually in vibrancy after some time. You can opt to have this redone then or even before that time comes. You can get curious and know more about this from the experts such as who will more than gladly guide and accommodate you for the techniques you are interested in.

Pigments and minerals, all natural, these are the composition of which your colors would be derived from, which will be infused into the dermis or the first layer of your skin. If you are wondering how it fades with time, it is due to the same phenomenon by which your skin rids itself of dead cells and a repetition of this would also consequently remove the semi permanent make-up colors. It would usually take as early as several months leading to a year up to over a year or so before this occurs. One other advantage of semi permanent make-up is that, when you have it redone, you can adapt another type of enhancement, technique and color, specific to your preference.

The Principle

Make-up along the contours is dermatological based so it follows only application of the make-up on the outer surface of your skin, unlike permanent tattoos that go deep into your skin’s layers.

The Colors

Semi permanent make-up uses colors from pigments which are organic and that do not pose risks, allergy or any type of health hazard.

The Clients

Various activities which you are predisposed to, might make you a likely suitable candidate for this technique. Are you in any kind of sports that put you in constant water contact? Or if you want to maintain a fresh look despite the kind of sweat you are in, then semi permanent make-up is the favorable option for you. Other activities like constant travelling, frequent sauna, or any frequent activity that involves steam and water, and places with high humidity.


If you have thinning eyelashes and eyebrows, or have naturally less visible eyebrows, eye lines and lips.

If you have difficulty in putting make-up due to certain physical, motor function conditions.

If you want to remedy scars and previous tattoos.

Prior to make-up application

Consult with the experts such as and they can assess you for medical history or anything that would be relevant or contraindicated to the contemplated procedure. Once you are clear, they can discuss with you the technique you are considering to undergo, whether for eyebrows, lips or wherever you need and prefer, sifting through designs and type of enhancements, which will be deliberated at length to suit your face.

Several conditions may make you ineligible depending on clearance from the specific areas of consult; history of medication for any existing illness, presence of any type of wound over the area to be worked on, skin sensitivity conditions, menstruation, pregnancy, recent surgery or any other procedure done.

After make-up application

After care, monitoring and constant follow up are administered; to help with swelling, apply ice pack over the area. Do not touch with unsterile hands. Avoid strenuous activities or any other that causes you to perspire. Avoid any kind of water sports and going to the sauna until you are healed. When some skin peeling occurs, do not remove it with force. If you had make-up done on your lips, avoid contact until you are healed with foods that are salty, sweet, hot, and any other that may cause your lips an irritation.

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