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Frequent Emergencies that you should apply Basic Life Support Training

By on May 22, 2016 in Health |

Staying calm in every accident is important though it is a situation that requires urgency. You need to focus on a solution that you can give to a person who is experiencing medical emergencies. Basic life support training can help you to be confident in doing what you need to do since you are already trained and educated about a life and death situations.

Being not yet trained for basic life support, you can take this as information on when you can tell that you are having an emergency around you. Below are the 5 frequent emergencies


If someone is not making any sound and their face is already getting red, the person is possibly choking. Doing a Heimlich maneuver can help, but remember not to do this when the victim is coughing. Hitting their back can make it only worse as the food can go back to the windpipe. Make sure to properly perform the Heimlich maneuver to help the patient.

Chest pains

There are times that chest pains are heart attack. If a person is grabbing his or her chest and says it hurts it must be a heart attack. It is important to do immediate medical attention like checking if the patient is breathing and if they have pulse, if not you need to begin CPR. Make sure to be confident in helping to save the life of the patient.


The symptom of seizure varies. The patient may fall down or make inconsistent movements. Their head might get tweak and eyes flutter. This happens usually to kids who have high fever, someone that has epilepsy, or someone is having stroke. Any kind of seizure needs medical attention, so immediately call an ambulance. Basic life support can be applied here if you are trained or if someone can do it for the patient.


There are parts of the body that may bleed a lot but it would not lead to death. Just like the case of a nosebleed which may have serious cause; it can be because of high blood pressure and if so it would be a serious case that you need to attend to. You must take the patient to nearest hospital and make sure to do necessary basic life support that is needed. The website can provide the training you need for basic life support.


If there is a person who is feeling weak and dizzy there could be some reasons why they are feeling it. The patient might have a condition of high blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes, heart attack, low blood sugar, pregnancy or heat related. The patient definitely needs medical attention and while they are being taken to hospital, basic life support can be applied to help the patient.

On the website, there are different types of basic life support training that you can learn. It depends on what you need on your everyday life.  The most important thing is you can help out in any emergency that might happen. Knowing the most common emergencies can make you apply what you have learned from the basic life support training.

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